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Epidural Injections for Pain Management

Living with chronic pain is an overwhelming and debilitating experience. The good news is that different pain management options, like epidural injections, exist to treat chronic pain and improve your quality of life. This treatment provides targeted anesthetic and anti-inflammatory relief for chronic pain. Recent studies show that epidural steroid injections effectively treat chronic pain along […]

Hip Pain? Try These Simple and Effective Exercises

Various factors, including injury, overuse, and arthritis, can cause hip pain. Whatever the cause, it can be debilitating and affect your daily activities. Fortunately, some exercises can help alleviate hip pain and improve overall mobility. Below are some simple and effective exercises for hip pain that you can try at home. Introduction to Hip Pain […]

The Silent Epidemic of Chronic Pain in the Elderly

Chronic pain is a universal problem prevalent among the elderly, with nearly 5 million people above 65 years in constant pain. The lower back, knees, legs, and hips are the common pain locations in the elderly. Chronic pain is immensely personal, and it’s often difficult for someone else to understand how you feel. Older adults […]