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From Running to Golf: Types of Sports-Related Injuries

Sports-related injuries can range from a simple ankle sprain to something more serious like a back injury. The range of severity can depend on the type of sport. For example, it’s assumed that football injuries are going to be more dramatic and painful than an injury from a sport like golf. While this may be […]

Preventing Golfer’s Shoulder and Elbow Pain

Amid our nation’s pandemic, many recreational activities have had to be put on hold. One that has been deemed to be fairly safe, however, is golf. Given that it allows for physical distancing and that golf courses are taking additional measures to sanitize their clubhouses, carts and other equipment, golf has proven to be a […]

Signs and Symptoms of Sports Injuries

Two Types of Sports Injuries As indicated by the title, sports injuries are injuries that happen when playing sports. Anyone is liable to find themselves injured from sports, there is no age limit on sports-related injuries. What people may not know is that there are two types of sports injuries; acute and chronic. Acute injuries […]