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The Specialty of Interventional Pain Management

As the medical field has expanded and the complexities of pain have become more well-known, pain management physicians have become more available to patients. Interventional pain management is a specialty that requires additional training and education surrounding pain. Physicians that pursue this route in their medical career play an important role in bringing quality of […]

How Chronic Pain Spreads

Serious sailors know that a small amount of rust on a boat can become a much bigger problem if it is not addressed quickly. The same applies to pain. Left untreated, it can become worse, become chronic and sometimes spread to other areas of the body. Chronic pain is generally defined as anything that last […]

Causes and Treatments of Degenerative Arthritis

Causes of Degenerative Arthritis  Degenerative arthritis, also referred to as osteoarthritis, is a condition largely caused by aging. As individuals get older, the protein makeup of cartilage decreases and the water content of cartilage increases. The decrease in protein levels paired with years of repetitive use of the joints leads to damaged cartilage, swelling, and […]