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Phantom Pain Causes and Symptoms

Amputation brings about many challenges—the most affected being amputees who experience a condition known as phantom pain. Phantom pain, also known as phantom limb pain, is a condition that is characterized by a feeling of pain in the limb which you no longer have. The pain may occur in the form of a minor ache […]

Identifying and Treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

If you have been experiencing a tingling or numbness in your hands after a long day of typing, you may be suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Your carpal tunnel is the median nerve which runs down the palm of your hand. It provides the sensation and ability to feel to […]

Is Your Back Pain Caused by Herniated Discs?

You may never realize how crucial your back health is until you’re in pain. Your back muscles are engaged in virtually every daily movement you perform — sitting down, walking, bending, and more! As a result, back pain can be frustrating at best and completely debilitating at worst.  The first step to finding pain relief […]